About Us

It seems the culture media is on its pathetic track now, and the professionalism is being submission and acting like a machine for corporate lobbing and communal or religious groups. Consider news as a product media sticking on marketing strategies than its validity. Media had been a fuel for change in world and degraded as market product nowadays. Media can be adapted to anyone for their personal purpose and true media commitment is facing hurdles in freedom of work. In this scenario we researching alternate to overcome this situation.

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Media playing an important role in marketing, our voice will be a new step in media world; we often approached news as an agent for realization of human survival and change. Considering the need of a new revolution medianextnews.com will act like a catalyst for change to this generation.

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We always support the group who intent the welfare of society and will criticize everything from the perspective of mankind also reveal the malpractices of media world.

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News porting is not a simple task; it helps public to sensitize the world. News is an event and became history tomorrow, so it should be done with commitment and care.

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We will connect with all Malayalees with this news portal also take part in their events and happenings because public interest is our motto. We will resist and praise the event which comes before.

By utilizing the advancement of information technology Media Next serve for human welfare and news portal to all malayalees in the world.

We beginning our journey and hope your support with us.